ABG Systems announces that renowned MRI implant testing company, Shellock R & D Services, Inc., confirms that our UHF LT56 tags are acceptable for use with MRI technology.

Tests were conducted by recognized MRI safety expert, Frank G. Shellock, Ph.D., President, Shellock R & D Services, Inc. (www.magneticresonancesafetytesting.com) along with the valuable support by Research Assistant, Božena Čulo. MRI testing was performed at Keck Hospital of the University of Southern California (USC).

Using state-of-the-art MRI facilities operating at 1.5- and 3-Tesla, Shellock R & D  Services assessed the ABG Systems LT56 UHF Tag for Textiles in order to characterize the effects of worst case MRI exposures, as well as possible MRI-related issues (magnetic field interactions, heating, and artifacts) using its sophisticated testing procedures. Based on the results, Shellock R & D Services recommended the labelling for the ABG Systems LT56 UHF Tag as “MR Conditional” at 1.5- and 3.0-Tesla MRI, and the maximum spatial gradient magnetic field of 4,000-gauss/cm (40-T/m)(extrapolated). Under the scan conditions defined, the ABG SYSTEMS Tag LT56, RFID Tag for Textiles in Hospitals is expected to produce a maximum temperaturehttps://abg.systems/portfolio/tag/ rise of 1.6°C after 15 minutes of continuous scanning (i.e., per pulse sequence). In non-clinical testing, the image artefact caused by the ABG SYSTEMS Tag LT56, RFID Tag for Textiles in Hospitals extends approximately 5-mm from this device when imaged using a gradient echo pulse sequence and a 3-Tesla MR system. Notably, this is an extremely high rating for an RFID device.

The results of tests conducted on the LT56 UHF Tags will be posted on the international MRI safety resource website, http://www.mrisafety.com. The LT56 ABG Systems tag is designed for industrial laundry applications and has been tested under very harsh washing conditions for thousands of cycles. Independent testing performed by Shellock R & D Services expands the product’s usability to include sheets and scrubs that be used in the MRI environment.