Our most flexible and modular solution

2020 begins and we celebrate it with the birth of our new WHITE Box!

An innovation is inspired by the needs of new markets, constant dialogue with our customers and continuous research.

Our goal? Create increasingly efficient solutions that adapt to the management complexity of each individual reality.

Roberto Re, head of the Research and Development department, explains the technical features and the advantages that make WHITE Box truly innovative:

“We worked on the concept of smart closet, emphasizing the easiness of use, robustness and practicality. We have optimized the speed, accuracy in inventory and safety with electromagnetic shielding. But perhaps the most significant result is modular versatility and scalability “.

Modularity and flexibility are the keywords that inspired this solution. A wardrobe that responds to different needs, and allows you to distribute various types of garments simultaneously. A solution that allows you to play with limited space, with 6 different configurations of modules, for a total of 72 possible combinations! Maximum saving of time can be achieved: in just 2 minutes, up to 200 items can be loaded!   WHITE Box is the solution that revolutionizes the way clothes are distributed.   Visit the WHITE Box page and discover all the details.