How it works

Very user-friendly operation.

In the Retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with the badge directly on the WHITE Box control module.
  • The user selects the desired item from the display from a list of garments that are available.
  • WHITE Box enables opening of the location containing the items of the type selected.
  • The user withdraws the garment, closes the door and the machine performs a new inventory autonomously.

In the replenishment phase:

  • The operator enables the loading procedure using his own badge.
  • The items are stacked directly in the cabin without any scanning.
  • The operator closes all cabin doors.
  • WHITE Box automatically performs the inventory of the content.


  • Constant control of the retrieval of garments and the stock of items in every distribution point.
  • Traceability of use and monitoring of item stock rotation.
  • Verification and control of the user retrieval modes.
  • Reduction of retrieval times with respect to traditional item distributors, which allows the access to individual items.
  • Limitation of use of the garments only to authorized staff


Maximum customization for your retirement home

Like all the other systems in the WHITE line, WHITE Box has an interactive message system able to inform the system server of any low stock problems and imminent necessity to replenish low stock items. Furthermore, via the ONE platform, the system administrator can determine the alert limit thresholds, control the retrieval of the uniforms and plan and optimize the availability of stock items.

WHITE Box is made up from a basic control module connected directly to the data network, to which up to 4 container modules can be connected.

Every WHITE Box container module is available at the moment in two different models:
WHITE Box 3-door: made up from 3 vertical compartments divided into shelves
WHITE Box 6-door: made up from 6 compartments divided into shelves