Choose the future to constantly track and monitor your items

The new frontier of traceability: added efficiency for you and value for your customers

READY is the range of advanced solutions for the traceability and on-going monitoring of textiles and products. The most cutting-edge tracking technologies to monitor the usage, the number of washes and the status of any garment or product used in your facility and much more.

Easily and smartly manage a growing number of complex products, from your structure to the destination site.

You are about to experience a new, more reliable, more effective control concept.

With just a tag, a huge tank of information

It is not only a matter of real-time control and monitoring. Thanks to the varying types of RFid TAG solutions offered by READY, every product or textile used in your company carries information and provides you with information until some time ago  inconceivable.

For the first time you can access data which really turns your operations around, steadily improve your business and service, while achieving new productivity and profitability standards.

A far-reaching international experience, from industrial laundries to any industry where control and traceability are crucial.

A great international experience, from industrial laundries to all the sectors that need control and traceability

From TAGs to reading stations, every solution we developed is designed and made in Italy to deliver utmost reliability. Installation of automated distribution systems in industrial laundries and companies all over the world for over 10 years, interaction with management, operation managers and staff.







Discover the READY solution most suitable for your needs

UHF Panel

Close reading of hanging garments


Polarized antenna

UHF Load

Total control of laundry-inbound garments

UHF Cabin

For bulk scanning of linen and scrubs

Reading Tunnel System

Textiles inbound automatic management


TAG for the laundry

Parcel Automatic Reading

Automation and control for packages in the laundry

UHF Gate

The fastest laundry reading ever

Conveyor Gate

The continuous reading solution


The highest reliability