White Facility Management

Welcome to the future of Intelligent Management of textiles and products

The smart distribution for your company and your products

Driven by our established textile management expertise, we started to design facility management solutions.

Every White solution can be used and configured to effectively manage and distribute all the products in need of on-going, reliable usage monitoring.

You thus start experiencing new productivity standards, a management quality so far inconceivable, a new efficiency concept.

Submit us new challenges: together we can design the automated distribution solutions best suiting your needs

Thanks to over 10-year old experience in a variety of Italian and international nursing homes, you can implement the “optimal solution” in terms of number and type of dispensers.


For the first time you can rely on a smart automatic management and distribution system tailored to fit you and catering to:

  • your needs and distribution objectives
  • your products
  • the actual space available
  • logistics, work shifts and staff schedules